About Harrogate, Tennessee

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About Harrogate

Harrogate became a city in 1993. The city limits cover an area of 6.58 square miles that contains approximately 4215 acres.  With a population of 4389 (based on the 2010 US Census), it's the largest city in Claiborne County. Harrogate is home to Lincoln Memorial University. On the campus of LMU you will find the Lincoln Museum. The museum houses one of the largest Lincoln Collections in the World.

History of Harrogate

The area has been known as Harrogate since the 1800's but it wasn't until 1993 that Harrogate was officially declared a city. Dr. George Day was elected the city's first Mayor. When first incorporated the population was approximately 2700 but as new land was annexed the city grew. The 2010 U S Census shows the total population at 4,389. Along with the growth came street lights, traffic lights and a new City Park. The city's growth has brought new businesses to the area. With the addition of the Harrogate Industrial Park, the city hopes to bring in even more businesses.

City Officials

MAYOR: Linda Fultz

VICE-MAYOR: Troy Poore


Kenneth West, EAST WARD

Randy Burchette, EAST WARD

Troy Poore, WEST WARD

Lieven Cox, WEST WARD

CMFO/City Recorder: Debra England

Municipal Court Clerk: Sherry Goode

Building Official:  David Laws

Fire Chief:  Justin Cupp

Title VI Coordinator:   Lieven Cox

Beer Board:   Dennis Chumley,  Vacancy,  Roy Yonts

Planning and Zoning Committee Chair: Randy Burchett

Library Director: Barbara Ramsey

Library Assistant: Eula Simpson

Historian: Chris Fultz

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